Maine Blueberries

Maine BlueberriesI love the little Maine blueberries! The larger highbush blueberries that grow in the rest of New England and the country are pretty in a salad or on a cheese plate, they are easy for snacking, and they have many other uses, but in my opinion they can't touch the little Maine blueberries for flavor. 

Maine blueberries are in season in August. You see them in markets in Portland, and by the roadside as far south as Bath, but to really get them in quantity you have to go downeast to [[nodetitle:Ellsworth]] and beyond.

The Maine blueberries are grown in the distinctive blueberry barrens of Downeast, especially from [[nodetitle:Ellsworth]] and beyond to Machias. You can buy them in markets, from private houses, and from pickup trucks parked on Route 1.