Pea Greens

Submitted by John on Sat, 05/05/2012 - 12:15

Pea Greens from WAAWWE MarketWe were passing through Vermont en route to [[nodetitle:Lake George]], New York when we found these. Annette had asked for something green and spring to accompany a chowder dinner or perk up a salad.

I had never tried pea greens before, but they were wonderful! They are tender-crisp, filled with water like bean sprouts. I think their best use is as a garnish or in a salad. I might float some atop a cream soup. 

Pea Greens with Clem's SausageI found the pea greens to be more flavorful than bean sprouts and crisper than alfalfa sprouts, with a delicate flavor that evokes springtime.

I saved a pinch of them to dress up a grilled [[nodetitle:Clem's Sausage]] patty. Their cool crispness and spring flavor made the perfect contrast to the rich, spicy pork.