Hot Brick Toddy

Submitted by John on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 02:34

Hot Brick ToddyThis delicious winter warmer really warms you up in style!

It's a whiskey variant of the venerable Hot Buttered Rum.  

1 Servings
Preparation time
5 minutes
  1. Boil the water.
  2. While boiling the water, wash an Irish Coffee glass with hot water and then fill it with hot water to warm it up.
  3. In a small bowl, blend the butter, sugar, and cinnamon.
  4. Empty and wipe the Irish Coffee glass, then add the butter mixture and a little boiling water to melt it. Stir well.
  5. Add the whiskey.
  6. Add the rest of the boiling water.
  7. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve hot. 

You can use a mug if you like, but the Irish Coffee glass is perfect for this. If you use a glass vessel, be sure to warm it first and take whatever precautions you normally do to protect it from cracking.

It's OK to experiment with different spices, but I find this simple cinnamon-and-sugar blend is best.