Brandied Sauteed Apples


Prep time15 minutes


Simple, delicious, and dramatic, these can serve as a dessert with fresh whipped cream, or they make a great side dish with pork.


2eaApples (cored and sliced, peeled if desired)
1pnBrown Sugar


Melt the butter in a clean skillet. Saute the apple slices until soft. Sprinkle with a pinch of brown sugar. Pass briefly under the broiler, then splash with brandy and flame. Serve when the flames subside.
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I made two versions of this

I made two versions of this recipe last night. The first was following the recipe as is, and the second one, I replaced the butter with goose fat. Well let me tell you, both were delicious, but I have to say my favorite was with the goose fat. As for the apples, I used Granny Smith, which held together very well, they softened nicely, but did not get mushy or fall apart.

Version Two?

Where can I get Goose Fat?

glorious goose fat

three ways

1. Roast a goose (but don't smoke it). You'll have plenty of fat. 2. You can maybe get some at Piantedosi's, especially if you ask Erik ahead of time. 3. I found some in my travels somewhere, but I don't recall where. It was a pound of it in a plain plastic deli tub. I think it was Terra Optima Market in Rockland, ME. I will keep an eye out for it, and write about it when I find it.