Karner Blue Gin

Karner Blue GinFlag Hill Distillery's Karner Blue Gin is named for the NH state butterfly depicted on the label (and as I write this, concidentally out and about at this time of year).

Flag Hill, of Lee, NH, is a vineyard first; they make a wide range of fruit wines plus two dessert wines and a port. After all that, they produce a lot of alcohol, some of which gets distilled and used in their General John Stark Vodka, a line of liqueurs, and this delightful gin.

Of particular interest to me: the alcohol does not come from the usual grain mash, nor from potatoes like the Cold River Gin; it comes from apples!

I found Karner Blue gin to be an excellent spring and summer gin, light, fragrant, floral, and soft. It reminds me of soft, warm breezes more than piney or minerally flavors. It made an excellent Martini with Cinzano and another with Dolin Dry Vermouth. I didn't like it so well with Martini & Rossi.

I do not know yet how it will go in a gin and tonic or in fruitier cocktails like the Monkey Gland. I expect it makes a fabulous Aviation, which I plan to try as soon as I get some more Maraschino

You can find an excellent review of this (and other gins) at the encyclopedic TheGinIsIn blog.

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Karner Blue Aviation

This gin does indeed make a fine Aviation cocktail, like a taste of springtime!