Spirits and Liqueurs

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I haven't tried that one.  I'll have to look for it!

Local Rye

I travel quite a bit for work, so I always strive to try something new - and local - when I'm away from New England. This week I'm in Chicago and at an acceptably classy (but not stuffy) Italian joint called Centro on the corner of Hubbard and State Streets. They have a local rye available (and I applaud them for that) called Koval. The bottle at the the bar only had about an ounce left, but the bartender was quite nice and told me that since I only wanted to try it, it was on her. I'm always jazzed to try new rye! Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. She returned a few moments later and informed me that they have more in the cellar. To this, I replied, "Keep it there." It tasted like an old, dried up milk carton. Fellow Pilgrims, please avoid this fell spirit!

lucky us

We're so lucky to have the excellent Whistle Pig from Vermont!