Gale Force Gin

Gale Force GinGale Force Gin is distilled by the Triple Eight Distillery division of Cisco Brewers of Nantucket.

I found a bottle at Glass Half Full in Provincetown, but it is readily available in Plymouth and across the cape, and not too hard to find elsewhere in Massachusetts.

I tried this in the same week as Karner Blue Gin from New Hampshire, and the two couldn't be more different. Gale Force is aptly named. Although both are bottle at 88 proof, the Gale Force is much more assertive, with strong juniper notes and a sort of spiciness to it that makes me want to try it in many cocktails, fully aware of the risks that it may clash with a lot of my favorites. I am sure it can stand up to a Negroni, if you like that pungent concoction.

I can't call this a sipping gin, but it probably goes great with tonic. For all its assertiveness, it is not a bully. It is completely in balance and it knows its business, maybe like the whaling ships that used to sail from Gale Force's island home.

There is a great review of Gale Force at my favorite gin blog, TheGinIsIn.