Artisanal Gins made in New England

11 New England GinsYou can find a fine selection of gins without leaving New England. I count 16 different artisanal gins made in New England (counting the annually-changing Ethereal as one).

Plus we have a cousin from the west: Half Moon Orchard Gin from Tuthill Town Spirits in Gardiner, NY just south of the Catskills and just within FoodiePilgrim range. I finally got some! I plan to write about it soon.

Do you know of any more? Do we have any representatives from Connecticut or Rhode Island?

Ones I have found and tried have their own pages below.

 Oh! My Goodness! I am wayyy behind schedule. I still have to write about:

  • Deacon Giles (MA)
  • Bradford Gin (MA)
  • Waypoint Gin (CT)
  • Batchers Gin (CT)
  • Djinn Gin (NH)
  • Hardshore Gin (ME)
  • Bimini Gin (ME)
  • Wiggly Bridge (ME)
  • Liquid Riot (ME)
  • Stonecutter Gin (VT)
  • and more...


Coppers Gin, Silo Gin, and another

I have to add a page for Coppers Gin and Silo Gin, both from Vermont, and there's another coming soon from Bradford Distillery in Hingham, MA when I get a moment. You geniuses are killing me!

At Death's Door

Is there room for a gin from a even further west? I submit Death's Door Gin, locally crafted from organic red winter wheat from Washington Island, Wisconsin. It's light on the Juniper, yet still flavorful. The bartender described it as similar to Tanqueray, but I disagree. It doesn't have that acidic harshness that stands up so well to tonic. But in a dry Martini with a twist, it's lovely. Look for it if you're in the area!