Richmond's 70th Birthday Dinner

For Richmond's 70th Birthday Dinner we served:


Main Course

  •  Grilled vegetables
  • One dish of soft corn tacos
  • One dish of shredded cabbage, lightly dressed
  • 4 dishes of fishes and 4 sherbets of dressings:
  • Traditional fried cod, with a home-made tartar-sauce
  • Grilled swordfish, with a lime-tequila-cilantro marinade
  • Pan-seared lobster with butter and summer truffles
  • Maine shrimp with special Maine shrimp dressing (Le Garage)

To Drink

  • 1 bottle Chassagne-Montrachet  opened with the starters, lasted into the main course
  • 1 bottle MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir opened when the white ran out.

For Dessert

Present were Richmond & Annette, Lorna and John.

The dinner was held on 27 June 2010. Openers started at 6:30pm, and the main course came on at about 7pm.