McNeill's Dark Angel Imperial Stout with Bluefish and Oysters

McNeill's Dark Angel with Bluefish and OystersThe last of the Microbrewers of the Pioneer Valley is McNeill's of Brattleboro, VT. McNeill's has been around a while and their beers are widely distributed in Vermont, but are not as available in Eastern Massachusetts, where I live.

This Imperial Stout called for strong flavors and something rich. Grilled bluefish was just the choice. I had a couple of Barnstable oysters to toss on the grill, too. I have always liked oysters with stout, and these were delicious.

Tasting it now, I think it would also go will with smoked brisket, but alas! I have none to test that hypothesis. I will have to get more McNeill's Dark Angel and some brisket - strictly in the interest of Science, of course!

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