Jamaican Ingredients

Submitted by John on Tue, 01/20/2015 - 03:56

Jamaican ingredients are really Caribbean ingredients, so they are usually sold in the USA in Hispanic markets by their Spanish names.

Compare Foods Supermarket, Worcester MA

Richmond and I got most of these ingredients at the Compare Foods Supermarket on South Main Street in Worcester. If you go there, note that there is ample parking and another entrance in back.

When buying ingredients for a Jamaican feast, such as [[nodetitle:John's Jamaican Birthday Dinner]]:

Jamaican nameSpanish name What is it? ackeeno equivalent, a tree fruit unique to Jamaicaavailable in cans, but expensive so you may have to ask customer servicecallaloo callalooa leafy green vegetable like spinach, available canned. Jamaican callaloo is not the same as Trinidadian callaloocassavayucaa woody-looking brown root, usually waxed chochochayotea pear-shaped fruit with a crisp texture and a mild flavor cocomalanga coco or cocoyama root with a white flesh speckled with pink or brown escallionscallionsthe familiar varietyochroesokrathe familiar varietypearavocadothe familiar varieties peasred beans or kidney beans, or gungo peas, (another kind of bean)the familiar varieties, available canned or dried pimientoallspiceoften used whole or crushed, not ground saltfishsalt codwhy so much salt cod in an island cuisine? The slave owners did not want fishing boats available to their slaves!yamnamenot a sweet potato - a long, big root, either yellow or white


You can find some helpful images and text here.