Cold Poached Salmon


Small Servings
Prep time3 hours


Cold Poached SalmonI make this quite a lot. It is in demand at family, work, and club gatherings, and I frequently hear hyperbolic exclamations from those who never had it before.

Those who have had it just want to be sure they get it again!


2 1⁄2lbAtlantic Salmon (trimmed to fit your poacher - cut the thin side away)


  1. Trim the fish to fit a two-burner fish poacher, and set it on the buttered tray.
  2. Add wine and all other ingredients, plus water to cover.
  3. Cover the poacher and turn on both burners medium-low.
  4. Bring the court-bouillon slowly to a good simmer, but not to a full boil.
  5. Turn off the heat and leave the poacher to cool undisturbed. If you have an electric range, then remove the poacher from the hot elements to cool. The heat in the court-bouillon will cook the fish through.
  6. When the poacher is no longer hot to the touch, put the whole thing in the refrigerator (I sometimes set it outside in the trunk of the car in winter).
  7. When the court-bouillon is cold, lift out the fish and rinse briefly under cold water, then plate it. Save the court-bouillon (see note).
  8. Serve cold with Dill Sauce.


This simple recipe is traditional in technique; its elegance comes from the selection and quality of ingredients.

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photo soon

I am making this today for Lorna's birthday dinner, so I should have a photo soon. You'd think I'd have pix of this classic by now - I've only made it about a thousand times!