My Favorite Breakfast

Sole and eggs in MendocinoI am a bit surprised that I never see this on menus. It is no more complicated than ham and eggs or bacon and eggs, tasty, fresh, and healthful.

It's just fresh sole and sunny-side-up eggs. You can add homefries and toast if you want; I appreciate a bottomless cup of coffee, but all I really want for breakfast is sole and eggs.

I make it at home a lot on the days when I am home for breakfast. We have a good fish market within walking distance of home, so on a nice day I can take my morning constitutional and come home with a couple of filets of sole.

And I work with a fellow who has some hens on his farm in New Hampshire, so I never have trouble getting real honest-to-goodness farm-fresh eggs, the kind with orangey-yellow yolks that stand up when you cook them.

I want some breakfast now...