Fresh Pasta


Mandilli de Saea, photo by Richmond Talbot

What a treat is fresh pasta! When we toured Italy in July 2015, our most memorable meal was a plate of fresh ravioli in Rome. The story is rather longer than this page requires, but the bottom-line result was that fresh home-made pasta is work exploring, so I did.

In this case, it was for Annette's Genoese Birthday, so I made silky-smooth, super-thin Genoese Mandilli de Saea (Silk Handkerchiefs) with fresh pesto.  It was fun and delicious!


10ozBread Flour (2 cups)
4eaegg yolks


Mix all ingredients and knead for a little while, then allow to rest long enough to relax the gluten - maybe 30 minutes. Roll and cut into desired form and cook in plenty of boiling salted water for a few minutes until done.
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