Old Colony Club

OCC logoThe Old Colony Club of Plymouth is a fraternal organization founded in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1769. It is the oldest gentlemen's club in the western hemisphere, and one of the oldest in the world; there are three older clubs in Merry Olde England. Richmond and I are long-time members.  

The club is not a dining club, but we get together every Friday for socializing and dinner. Over the course of a year we have many events at which food features strongly, like the annual clambake and the summer chowder nights. This year we started a new tradition: the annual Colonial Tavern Dinner in honor of our first members.

The gentlemen of the club are not all adventurous eaters, but I have seldom steered them wrong over the years so on any given Friday night I can count on a few curious souls to try out the manly fare that is too cholesterol-laden for Lorna or would require too much explanation to set out at the office.

Every February for the last many years, Richmond, Annette, and I have put together the annual Past Presidents Night Gala, a formal affair in cocktail party format (no sit-down dinner) that sees typically 80 to 90 attendees.