Old-Time Goodness at the Oxford Creamery in Mattapoisett, MA

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Oxford Creamery, Mattapoisett, MA - photo by Richmond TalbotIt got to be a joke.  It seemed every time we passed the Oxford Creamery on Route 28 in Mattapoisett it was closed, and we speculated they saw us coming and had all the customers move their cars and hide. We'd heard rumors of good food, but had just about given up tasting it. The other day, however, we detected activity. We were headed for Turk's, and my mouth was watering for their shrimp Mozambique, but life stirred at the Oxford Creamery and it was an opportunity not to be passed up. 

Oxford Creamery Signs - photo by Richmond TalbotHaving operated on the spot for eighty-two years, Oxford Creamery is the type of old time eatery I love. Brightly painted in blue and white, it evokes the past.  The interior is festooned with signs that substitute for a menu.  Their prices are old fashioned too, and with sandwiches starting at $2.50 and soft drinks at $1.25 you can easily get lunch for under $5.00. 

Seats inside may be at a premium, but there are picnic tables just outside the door and in a grassy area on the far side of the parking lot.  The food is available to go, and you could take it to Ned's Point Lighthouse, and eat it with a beautiful view of Mattapoisett Harbor.

Oxford Creamery Lobster Roll - photo by Richmond TalbotThe lobster roll is $11.50 and comes with coleslaw and fries.  It's packed with lobster meat with no filler and only a light coating of mayonnaise. We each had one. The accompanying raspberry lime rickeys were a tad sweet and benefitted from squeezing the eighth of a lime garnish to add a little tartness.  

If, upon reading this, you are motivated to journey to the South Facing Coast and eat at The Oxford Creamery, you'll have the same experience
we used to have.  We got lucky on the last day before it closed for the winter, and they weren't sure exactly when they are going to reopen in the spring. Let the thought of sitting in the sun enjoying some old fashioned New England food sustain you through the ice and snow and visit http://oxfordcreamery.com/  when the crocuses bloom.  By that time the management  will probably have decided on the opening