NYS Wiener

NYS WienerWhat's a NYS Wiener? It's "A New York System Wiener" which I am sure clears that right up for you.

I had seen wiener places before in Rhode Island (and only in Rhode Island), and I had even seen New York System Wieners on a few signs in Providence and East Providence. I am not quite sure where the New York System fit into the picture, but it is a unique production: the wiener is made in a sort of continuous rope and cut off into equal-length servings. The means the wiener has cut-off ends, not rounded and tied-off ends. It is on the slim side, much smaller than a Pearl hot dog, for example.

It is served with a whole cabinet of condiments, which include a meat sauce, chopped onions, mustard and ketchup, and celery salt, that Rhode Island favorite.

It reminds me of the Michigans thatyou find along the western shore of Lake Champlain.