Boston's North End

Modern Pastry is a landmark of the North EndBoston's North End neighborhood is a celebrated old Italian neighborhood of narrow streets and brick buildings, salumerias and bakeries and many fine restaurants. It is also a tourist trap with many mediocre restaurants and souvenir shops. Every summer there are numerous Italian religious festivals, and the streets swarm with tourists whenever the weather is good.

There are a number of good North End markets reviewed in these pages, but it's not a big place and it is easy to prowl about discovering your own.

Paul RevereIt is also a place of deep colonial history. Paul Revere lived here, and this is where you'll find his house and the Old North Church, and the Paul Revere Mall, a fine old park that offers welcome shade and respite from the clamor of Hanover Street. It's a good place to rest your feet and set down the bags of foodie goodies you have found in the salumerias and other markets of Salem Street, Richmond Street, and Parmenter Street.

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