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Provencal Daube

ingredients for the Provencal daubeThis hearty, rich, piquant, and utterly fabulous beef stew adds a splash of brilliant Provencal sunshine to a winter dinner. It never fails to please. I make this at least twice every winter.

The ingredients that give it the special Provencal zest are herbes de Provence accompanied by orange zest, capers, and anchovies instead of salt. It simmers for a few hours in a mix of red wine and balsamic vinegar. 

Glazed Carrots

French Glazed Carrots

This is an easy and tasty dish to accompany all sorts of winter recipes, especially heavy roasted meats, pies, and stews.

It can cook away on the back burner while your attention is occupied by more demanding projects, and the carrots do not suffer from a little overcooking because the flavor is concentrated in the diminishing stock and the glaze and seasoning emphasize the flavor. 

Turnip Braised in Butter

Cape Cod Turnip Braised in ButterThis homey, simple French preparation is an easy and delicious way to serve this common and inexpensive winter staple.


Traditional Cheese FondueThis apres-ski classic from the French Alps was an essential part of Annette's Savoyard Birthday in 2014. It's a hearty, artery-clogging cheese-lover's delight and a fun communal dining event.

Brandade de Morue

Brandade de Morue

I made this flavorful dip of salt cod and potatoes with garlic and olive oil for Annette's birthday in December 2014, which had a sort of Alpine apres-ski angle.

This is a great cold-weather party dish, and it keeps well. It's good with beer or wine, maybe during a football game. 

Braised Chestnuts

Chestnuts Braised in Beef Stock and Red WineThis easy and delicious Burgundy-style recipe is no trouble at all to prepare. The chestnuts can come from a jar, so it's just a matter of adding stock and wine and braising for a while.

The dish is a fine accompaniment for beef or some savory roast pork dishes, and it is a classic accompaniment for roast goose. 

Of course you could make this with fresh chestnuts, but the chestnuts in a jar work really well. You can get them at Whole Foods and sometimes at Trader Joe's and other high-end grocery stores. I get them at Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace in Worcester, or at Micucci's in Portland.

Fillets of Sole Bercy

I made this for Valerie's Home From Paris Dinner. It was light and delicate and easy. We get fresh sole often, so it's a good recipe to have handy.

Braised Lettuce

Braised Lettuce

This was completely counterintuitive. We think of lettuce as the light, crisp, fresh base for a salad. The thought of cooking lettuce seems bizarre. But many times while flipping through the pages of Mastering the Art of French Cooking I have seen this recipe and I knew that one day I would attempt it. 

I did, and it's delicious!  Slow cooking in rich stock tames the lettuce and makes it fascinating and wonderful. 

Stuffed Capon St. Antoine

Roast Stuffed Capon St AntoineThis unusual and delicious creation was served at Annette's Fancy French Birthday.

It's unusual on two counts: the Capon is not something we see every day, and the stuffing is loaded with cooked fruits!


French Onion Soup

French Onion SoupA simple but time-consuming soup that serves as an elegant start to a French-style or any formal dinner.
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